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Portfolio 2010
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Nebel, illustration, 2009
Apfel, illustration, 2009
Winter, vector illustration, 2011
Riese, 2010
Riese, vector illustration, 2010
Grafist – Fisch, 2008
Fisch, poster for Grafist, 2008
Grafische Reste 1
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Documentary Filmfest 1001 Poster
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jfml-Nach der Zeit
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Nach der Zeit
My diploma Nach der Zeit deals with the question of how to live in a world where not only society as we know it but everything that defines our reality now (time, space, etc.) has fallen apart.
I had the chance to present the pictures of my diploma together with Johanna Seipelt's diploma in November 2009. View the images and photos from the exhibition on kd-zeigen.de.
I did an essay (in German) on the history of apocalyptic lore and the question if modern horror-films can be a substitute for them accompanying the practical work. Here's the documentation (in German).
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  Ein Labyrinth, ein Traum Ein Labyrinth, ein Traum
Ein Labyrinth, ein Traum shows the same graphical labyrinth in two different media: An analogue, map-like presentation, exhibited at the HBK Rundgang 2009, allows the viewer to track the paths of the characters via icons. The internet version enables the viewer to follow the sequences of the story.
Enter the labyrinth or read the paper on hypertext that I did as a theoretical background for the project (German only).
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    Sterngucker Sterngucker
A project I did with fellow student and friend Stefan Senger (and Alexander von Poswick). It evolved from our curiosity about star signs and the stories behind them.
We developed a series of light-boxes that feature a text about the particular star sign that can be viewed both night and day and a illustration for daytime that is replaced by the constellation at night as a help to find it in the sky.
Go to the project's website.

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  You are
what you do

Animated image video for ecosensitive and energy-saving behaviour, awarded at kurzfilmspezial in Hannover.
Watch the clip on Vimeo.

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I grew up in Lübeck at the coast of North-Germany and learned to love the northern wilderness, the bad weather and the sea there.
From 2003 to 2009 I studied Graphic Design (which is called »Kommunikationsdesign« over there) at the University of Fine Arts Braunschweig , with a focus on illustration and animation. Sometimes I missed the sea. In September 2007, I went to Istanbul for two semesters of Erasmus-exchange. In 2009 I finished school and I've been working as a freelance illustrator/designer since then.
I like crows and cats and dogs (the real ones not these rat-like things) and I am interested in phantastic and occult topics, horror and fairytales as well as current political issues, privacy protection, copyright/copyleft-issues, globalization, environment protection, fight against racism and discrimination etc.
I also love international arthouse-cinema, especially asian films and I've been addicted ever since to graphic storytelling, fine children books, good typography and unknown animations.
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Awards, Exhibitions, Publications, …
gedankentreiben, lyrical, interactive exhibition-project, collaboration with Stefan Senger, 2004
You Are What You Do, was awarded at kurzfilmspezial in Hannover and screened on miscellaneous youth-film-festivals throughout Germany
Anstifter - Tätigkeitsbericht der Stiftung Nord/LB-Öffentliche 2001 – 2006, illustrations in collaboration with Stefan Gunnesch and Johanna Seipelt, 2007, was awarded with the Sonderpreis des Deutschen Sparkassenverlags and Berliner Type 2008
Sterngucker, initially developed for the Braunschweiger Art Parcours No. 1 extended exhibition for the Lange Nacht 2008 and Phaenomenale 2009 in the Autostadt Wolfsburg
Denkblasen, book project with graphical interviews, collaboration with Stefan Senger, at the Comic Salon Erlangen, 2006
Die Welt liegt uns zu Füßen, published in Indivisual #6, 2008

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